Green World

green worldtm

Since the day when we were founded the issue of “human health” and “protection of the nature” were always at the top of our priorities. All the leather and fur tanning processes and business processes have been shaped according to these values.
All the waste of our leather & fur factory in Tekirdağ / Çorlu is cleaned from the harmful substances.

The paper waste coming from the shoe factory in Istanbul, are sent to paper mills for recycling. The parts of leather and fur collected from our factory are exported to abroad. In this way, without being involved with the environment, it offers exchange contribution to the country’s economy.

Both the management of the Erdoğan Leather and all the employees are aware of the requirement to take the necessary measures at every stage of the manufacturing process and to minimize the potential negative effects on the environment. We act on the behalf of the future generation with the awareness of protecting the environment and wildlife by considering the health and safety of our employees, customers and public who are affected by the activities, products and services.
We are doing our part in order to leave a greener and more liveable future for the future generations.