Green World

The issues of human health and nature protection have been among our priorities since the day we were founded. We carry out all our tanning processes and other business processes by taking these issues into consideration. We take maximum care to affect the environment with minimum impact while producing sheep skins that are harmless to human health.

All the wastes of our tannery located in Corlu are treated in the organized leather industry treatment plant and cleaned of harmful substances to nature and recovered to a certain extent in nature.

Paper and plastic wastes from our sheepskin workshop in Istanbul are forwarded to recycling companies for processing and reuse. The leather and furs pieces generated by our factory are collected and exported abroad. This way they generate foreign exchange for the economy of our country instead of being dumped into the environment as waste.

Erdogan Deri management and every employee in our company is aware of the necessity of taking necessary measures at every stage of our manufacturing processes and minimizing any negative impacts on the environment. We act with the consciousness of protecting the environment and natural life on behalf of future generations by taking responsibility for the health and safety of our employees, customers and the people in the surrounding environment who are affected by our manufacturing activities. We do our best to leave a greener and more livable future for future generations.