Our tannery with its 100 qualified employees and a total production area of 10.000 square meters located in Istanbul, Corlu region. We produce 900.000 units lining ( both for leather garment and shearling boots markets ) and double face sheepskin yearly. We are one of the leading sheepskin tannery in Turkey.

We offer our customers high quality service including research and development of current trends and innovations of shearling as well as the classic sheepskin products.

In our 10.000 m2 integrated shearling manufacturing facilities, leather and sheepskin are produced for various markets such as leather garment industry, shoe industry, automotive and painting industry. Our sheepskin tannery products are supplied both for the domestic market and for many well known brands from Europe to the Far East as well.

sheepskin tannery

The raw sheepskins coming to our tannery are divided into categories first according to the quality then to the condition and diameter of the wool. Each divided category is processed according to the purpose. The raw fat within the sheepskin is removed by washing, at the next stage with mild acids such as formic acid it will be brought to a condition that viruses and bacteria cannot destroy the raw sheepskin, chrome and again with various tanning syntans will prevent it from decay and smelling.

The suede and the wool side are guaranteed to be clean and shiny due to several technological machineries. After the colouring process which is performed with dyes not containing any carcinogenic substances the sheepskin is ready for sale. These processes which are applied to the sheepskin continue for an average 21-30 days. The sheepskin passes through around 40 different machines and craftsmanship by using approximately 100 chemicals at 18-19 different stages.

In the production of natural and medical sheepskin, wooden machines are
used instead of iron or fiber. The technology and manufacturing techniques of this type of sheepskins are completely different according to the techniques used for other leathers. Certainly heavy metals and harmful chemicals are not used during the chrome-free processing of these sheepskins. In our tannery, we do custom made manufacturing as a reliable sheepskin tannery in Turkey.