Medical Sheepskin Products

Medical sheepskin is a product, which benefits for human health are scientifically proven, because it is processed with a special formula of vegetable tanning method. It gains the yellow color in the tanning process and does not contain any synthetic dyestuff. It is frequently used in health industry and baby products because it does not host bacteria and virus on it. The first and only manufacturer in Turkey of medical sheepskins with high recognization in European countries is Erdogan Deri.

We supply medical sheepskin to our European customers as well as developing and manufacturing various products with our Sheepy Care brand for the health industry and baby care in our sheepskin workshop located in Istanbul. You can browse and buy all our products at We are working hard to promote medical sheepskins that have been used and benefitted from by Australian, American and European people for many years and to deliver it directly from the tannery to end-user.

The fact that medical sheepskins are more effective than air beds to prevent pressure sores and prevent the formation of bed sores by 100% was asserted as a result of scientific study by Nurse Nilay SAĞNAK and Asst. Prof. Sevgi ÇINAR. You can access the relevant scientific study from here.  There are three reasons behind the fact that medical sheepskins are so effective in preventing pressure sores. First, the sheep wool traps the humidity in the environment to 30% of its own weight and does not give a feeling of wetness. Thus, the sweat of the patient lying on the medical sheepskin is absorbed and the growth of bacteria and viruses is prevented. The second reason is that no matter how much pressure is made upon the special fiber structure of sheep wool, the air flow is never interrupted. Thus, the biggest factor in the formation of pressure sores, i.e. airlessness problems do not occur. The third reason is that medical sheepskin is not a source of food for bacteria and viruses; it does not host them. It has a hygienic structure. Therefore, the pressure sore, associated with bacteria and microbe, of the patient lying on it is prevented.

Medical sheepskin, as well as being used in health industry, is preferred in baby care due to its hygienic structure, its quality of confining sweat and to the fact that it is a product on which babies sleep peacefully and play. You can buy our Sheepy Care brand baby products from this link