Sheepskin for Polishing

We have sheepskin collection for the polishing industry where sheep fur is used extensively. Thanks to our long-standing experience of sheepskin for polishing, our expert team, our technological machinery and the high quality raw sheepskins we use in production. We produce the sheepskins with the most suitable features for our customers operating in the polishing industry.

Sheepskins used in waxing and polishing on surfaces such as automotive, yacht, boat and polyester should be of high quality and dense wool and these wools should be approximately 28 mm long. We supply the most suitable polishing sheepskins for our customers using sheepskin for polishing and buffing thanks to the length, density and quality of wool of American origin sheepskins we process in our leather factory.

We apply AZO, Formaldehyde and Chrome VI tests regularly to all our sheepskins produced in our tannery. As a result of our tanning processes in accordance with European standards and the chemicals we use during these processes, we pass all of these tests successfully. Check out our current test results on this page. We attach great importance to environmental cleanliness and human health. We send all liquid wastes from our factory to the treatment plant and the solid wastes to the recycling plants. In this way, we aim to leave a clean environment to the next generations, making the least impact on the environment.