Sheepskin for Saddle

We produce sheepskins which are frequently used in the production of many products, especially saddles in the riding sector. Thanks to our long-standing sheepskin experience, our expert team, our technological machinery and the quality raw sheepskins we use in production, we produce the most dense and long wool sheepskins for our customers in the riding industry.

Processing high quality raw sheepskins of American origin in our tannery in Çorlu, we supply our customers with top quality sheepskins with large dimension (10 feet and above) and wool length up to 30 mm. The horse saddle manufacturers using Erdogan Deri’s sheepskins achieve up to 20% more cutting efficiency than other origin sheepskins due to the large dimension of our sheepskins.

In addition to the efficiency it provides in production, the riding materials produced by using our sheepskins with soft wools provide a high level of protection against traumas, injuries and increase the comfort and performance of horses in a measurable way. Sheepskins, which are frequently used in saddle manufacturing, prevent friction and ensure the continuity of air flow on the horse’s back. There is no other material that can offer the benefit to that extent that sheepskin used in saddle manufacturing offers. We export our sheepskins for the riding industry we produce in our Corlu tannery to the horse saddle manufacturers in many countries, particularly Germany and Spain.

We regularly apply AZO, Formaldehyde and Chrome VI tests to all products manufactured in our tannery. We pass all of these tests successfully as a result of the dyes and chemicals we use in European standards. Our current test results can be found on this page. We pay utmost attention to environmental cleanliness and human health. We send the liquid wastes produced in our tannery to the treatment plant and the solid wastes to the recycling companies.