Founded in 1998

One of the leading Turkish sheepskin tannery

Expertise in sheepskin with professional team and technological machinery

Supplying sheepskin to manufacturing companies in footwear, apparel, polishing and decoration markets

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified



We are experts of sheepskin
Sheepskin for footwear

Sheepskin for footwear

Sheepskin for garment

Sheepskin for garment

Sheepskin for hat & glove

Sheepskin for hat & glove

Sheepskin for polishing & paint roller

Sheepskin for polishing & paint roller

Sheepskin for UPHOLSTERY

Sheepskin for UPHOLSTERY

Sheepskin for decoration

Sheepskin for decoration

About Erdoğan Deri?

Founded in 1998 as a sheepskin tannery, Erdogan Deri expanded its business lines in the process to include a sheepskin product workshop. In addition to supplying sheepskin to manufacturing companies in footwear, apparel, polishing market; the company manufactures products designed from sheepskin for its brands.

In addition to the chromium tanning process, sheepskin are tanned with herbal and medical tanning methods in our tannery. As one of the pioneering tanneries of the sheepskin market with our professional team, technological machinery, knowledge and international business partnerships, we continue our activities as a reliable and strong supplier of our customers.

Our mission is to act in a customer-oriented manner and contribute to Turkey’s employment and exports with our innovative products and services as a leader company in sheepskin market.

Our vision is to protect the rights of all our stakeholders and to transform Erdogan Deri into a sustainable structure with the least environmental impact and a quality product portfolio.

We strive to contribute continuously to the development of the environment and society we live in within the framework of our corporate social responsibility principles.

We aim to continuously improve our quality management activities with the contribution of all stakeholders and we are producing recyclable, eco-friendly production in compliance with European Standards. We process corrective and preventive actions at every level in order to prevent the failure in the production processes in a timely and systematic way and not to repeat the same mistakes.

Erdoğan Deri Main Building
Sheepskin Tannery

We manufacture sheepskin for different markets such as leather garment industry, footwear industry, automotive and paint industry in our leather tannery in Corlu. We supply products from our tannery to both our domestic customers and to manufacturing companies in Europe. 

We provide top quality and best service with our expert employees, technological machinery and long years of experience to our customers. In addition to our classic sheepskin products, we support to our customers by applying contemporary trends and new innovations to sheepskin as a result of our R & D studies.

Raw sheepskin delivered to our tannery is firstly sorted according to their quality. (wool type, leather features etc.) Each segmented category is processed according to its objectives. In the tanning process, we only use the chemicals of well-established companies that produce in European standards.


Our company, which adopts the principle of providing quality products and services to its customers, follows every stage of its production with its quality control team. We are testing the products in independent laboratories and certifies them according to international norms and standards.

Our company has certified its management system with ISO 9001 “Quality Management System” as a result of the studies completed in end of 2020. In addition, within the framework of wholesale quality understanding, it has completed the processes of ISO 14001 “Environmental Management System”, ISO 45001 “Occupational Health and Safety Management” and GHP “Good Hygiene Practices”


The issues of human health and nature protection have been among our priorities since the day we were founded. We carry out all our tanning processes and other business processes by taking these issues into consideration. We take maximum care to affect the environment with minimum impact while producing sheepskins that are harmless to human health.

All the wastes of our tannery located in Corlu are treated in the organized leather industry treatment plant and cleaned of harmful substances.

Erdogan Deri management and every employee in our company is aware of the necessity of taking pre-cautions at every stage of our manufacturing processes and minimizing any negative impacts on the environment. 

We act with the consciousness of protecting the environment and natural life on behalf of future generations by taking responsibility for the health and safety of our employees, customers and the people in the surrounding environment who are affected by our manufacturing activities. We do our best to leave a greener and more livable future for future generations.

We are constantly audited by an independent company for the health and safety of our employees and we make the necessary arrangements quickly.

Ecological tanning
Ecological leather tanning


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