Footwear Factory

Footwear factory in Pegia Plaza

In our 3500m2 footwear factory which is located 4 km away from the Istanbul Atatürk Airport the production of Pegia, Art Goya and other world famous shoe brands is done by the R & D team, expert staff and technological production lines.
Our shoe factory called Pegia Plaza was relocated on February 14, 2013 on Valentine’s Day with huge love. Pegia Plaza which is appropriate to the occupational safety standards, and was designed according to the welfare of the employee passes successfully the strict working conditions of the European business partners.
We reached the state that each pair of shoes which are manufactured in the Pegia Plaza with our dynamic team , the skilled shoe masters, advanced technologies and our enthusiasm is exported everywhere from the USA to China, from Siberia to South Africa.

Sheepskin boot production

We know that the quality needs to be improved continuously. In this context, our working processes are examined and improvements are made regularly. The raw materials ( base, buckles, leather) which enter our factory are sent regularly to quality and chemical compatibility tests. In our R & D department found in our shoe factory, our designers and shoe technical adepts are working continuously.
Beside the collection of Art Goya and Pegia, we make designs for world-known brands, develop technically flawless shoes and realize their productions.