sheepskin for footwear

We offer a very large double-face sheepskin collection for footwear manufacturers.

sheepskin for garment

Are you looking for shearling for pilot jacket? Here is the right place for sheepskin.

industrial purpose sheepskin

We are supplying 20+ mm dense merino shearling for polishing industry. Explore by clicking.

pony leather cavallino

Our precious cavallino leathers will add value to your footwear or garment collections.

easy white products

With the help of Easy White Technology, we could make softer shearlings with vegetable tanning.

shearling jackets

Besides sheepskin production, we also supply shearling jackets for our European customers.

medical sheepskin products

We are producing medical sheepskin which has benefits for human health. Explore by clicking.

shoes & boots

We make sheepskin boots production under Pegia and Cool Moon brands. Read our passion story.

project based works

Creative ideas regarding sheepskin are always welcome. We look forward to hearing you.