Sheepskin For Garment

Sheepskins for garment, which are produced in the Corlu tannery of Erdogan Deri, are preferred by local and foreign leather garment companies. We are able to meet the demands and needs of our customers in the most flexible way thanks to our American-origin sheepskins which can be processed in the desired fineness and wool length. Shearlings for clothing are selected from the highest quality sheepskins processed in our tannery. The wool and suede side dyed in the desired color are enriched with various finishing and printing techniques as well as being presented to our customers as suede.

In addition, we have various wool works due to the wool quality of American-origin goods we process in our tannery. American-origin sheepskins have a well-deserved reputation for their intense, dense and soft wool structures. Thus, in addition to our collection of lining and collar sheepskin, we also have collection works having different wool structures such as muton, curly and semi-curly. In addition to these works, we are able to make wool works in very different cutting designs and finishes thanks to our custom-made machines we have brought to our factory. In order to check these collections and obtain detailed information, you can visit our Corlu leather tannery or contact us here.

All sheepkins offered to Erdoğan Deri customers are produced in accordance with European standards. As a result, it successfully passes the ”AZO“, “Formaldehyde” and “Chrome VI” tests. In addition, we pay utmost attention to environmental cleanliness and human health issues in all our production processes. We send all liquid wastes from our tannery to the treatment plant and the solid wastes to the recycling plants. Thus, we aim to make the least impact to nature.