Sheepskin For Footwear



For shoe industry we are producing sheepskins for boots, for leg of boots and for in the inner lining categories and Cavalino-pony from cattle leather. Due to the experience in our footwear factory we understand the customer’s needs in the footwear industry very well and we work in order to supply better products.

We offer the new developments to our customers with our experienced technical team who are following the developments and technology closely. For our shoe manufacturing customers we provide the  Easy White Technology which has been developed  as a result of the importance given to the environment and human health.

According to the need of our customers; we produce sheepskin in the desired colour, standard, hair length and fineness. Because we found very quick solutions for the needs of the shoe factories, many of the famous European shoe brands are using our sheepskins.

All our shoe sheepskin products have the WOOLMARK SHEEPSKIN quality certificate.  Chemicals like AZO, “formaldehyde” and “Chrome six” which are harmful to the human health cannot be found in our fur and leather products. You can reach our relevant test results here.

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