Easy White Technology

Easy White TechnologyEasy White is a chrome-free tanning method intended for all-natural leather processing, which has started to be used as a very new technology in leather processing.
This newly developed tanning method offers countless benefits by helping to meet the growing need for chrome-free leather processing worldwide. With Easy White leather processing method, unlike other chromium-free processing methods, there is no loss in the quality and usefulness of the leather. With this new system, the tanning time is reduced, making the tanning process more efficient and minimizing the environmental impact.
In contrast to approximately 6 tanning chemicals used in classic leather tanning methods, only 1 eco-friendly tanning chemical is used in leathers produced using Easy White technology. The chemical used in Easy White Technology is a non-toxic material. It contains no chromium, alkali or acid. When this technology is used in leather processing, the waste water ratio is reduced by half and the amount of salt in the waste water is 80% lower. With the use of Easy White technology, the amount of electricity used in the production process decreases and this makes a positive contribution to the environment.
The leathers produced using Easy White Technology are pearly white, soft and extremely smooth. At the same time, it is at the same level with the leather produced by other tanning methods in terms of durability and it differs from the others with its quality of being washable up to 70 degrees. Easy White is an ecological and environmentally conscious system. It contains no chemical substances harmful to human health. Materials such as Folmaldehyde and Chromium IV are not used in the tanning process.
We tan sheepskins using Easy White Technology with our structure which gives importance to innovations and open to innovations. As a result of our studies on the use of this technology in the processing of our sheepskin products, we can dye coat colors without harmful substances such as benzodin. Our works related to suede dyeing continue.
As the Turkey pilot manufacturer of Easy White Technology developed by Clairant, we sent the first samples we produced to our shoe manufacturer customers in Europe. The positive feedback we received led us to do more work on this technology. We anticipate that, this technology, which has been used by ECCO company in sheepskin and leather shoes, will lead the footwear & leather industry in the upcoming periods.
Easy White sheepskins are recommended for use in shoe linings, shoes related to health and baby shoes, which are especially in direct contact with the body. It is likely that this product, developed with human health in mind, will become mandatory in all sectors related to leather.