Features Distinguished Turkish Leather from Others

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Features Distinguished Turkish Leather from Others

Did you know that Turkey is one of the biggest and most significant producers of leather clothing worldwide? High-quality Turkish leather goods are now produced by this industry thanks to new technologies and advanced knowledge. The development of new, high-quality raw materials as a result has positively impacted both its production and exportation. Here we gathered features that distinguish Turkish leather from others. Keep on reading!

What is Turkish leather?

Turkey’s sheep leather could finish up to 75% more leather than the rest of the world, but only 22% of the leather in the world is finished there. In the meantime, Turkey produces high-quality leather clothing, with 95% of its total output going overseas. Turkey’s leather industry imports more raw materials than it exports in finished goods, making leather a net importer of goods. That’s why Turkey is one of the leaders in the market. 

Features of Turkish leather

Turkey’s leather industry has a long history and has grown significantly over time. Turkey is currently one of the world’s top producers of high-quality leather goods. It ranks second in Europe behind Italy and is best known for processing sheep and goat leather. Due to the prevalence of lamb and mutton in Turkish cuisine, high-quality leather clothing and accessories can be made from a variety of soft skins.

Other features of Turkish leather that might be useful when choosing one:

  • Water-Resistant
  • Thickness
  • Softness
  • Water Absorption and Desorption (the release of absorbed moisture)
  • Water Permeability
  • Aesthetics
  • Insulation for heat

Discover the Unique Turkish leather

Considering its long history and importance in the world in terms of providing leather to the rest of the world, Turkey has an important role compared to other prominent countries. Having its primary industry as the processing of sheep and goat leather makes Turkey the second in Europe behind Italy. Turkey produces and sells high-quality Turkish leather shoes online, in addition to many other leather products such as Turkish leather eat and Turkish leather slippers. Especially the quality of the leather distinguishes it from the others.

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Where to buy Turkish leather?

Turkish leather products such as Turkish leather jackets, Turkish leather shoes, and accessories such as Turkish leather bags or Turkish leather pouf to elevate your home decor, can be found in leather shops in Turkey. For premium quality Turkish leather products, browse our selection of Turkish leather and choose the best unique or bespoke handmade products from our shop. 

Is Turkish leather good?

Turkish leather has a centuries-old history and has flourished ever since. Today, Turkey is one of the largest producers of high-quality leather goods in the world.

Is Turkish leather expensive?

Leather is generally not a cheap material to obtain however the price range varies from brand to brand and the items you purchase

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