Leather Fashion from Past to Present

Leather fashion from past to present

Leather Fashion from Past to Present

Fashion has a great impact on everyone’s life. Not any person can say that he or she don’t like to look elegant and beautiful. This is the reason that they adopt different strategies and fashion styles that can make them look beautiful and elegant.
If we talk about the variation in the fashion industry, then it may require a lot of time to describe the variation in each era because fashion always being changed with time to time. It used to be changed according to the season and temperature. It also used to be changed with the introduction of any new material or design into the market and also because of any famous public figure or celebrity such as a pop star, actor or actress or any sportsman.
While leather fashion does not offer many variations as it had happened to appear in other fashion categories. It is used to be static in most of the eras and did not change for most of the time. Similarly, there also used to appear some slight variations in this fashion.

Brief History

In the mid of 1900s, pilots and individuals from the military wore dark-colored leather flight coats. One of the first leather coats was made by Chapel in 1925. Amid the Second World War, clothing started to be known as “bomber coats” and was intensely protected and prized for people’s warmth. The coat was frequently part of a general uniform intended to shield bomber pilots from extreme weather conditions at high elevation and regularly joined sheepskin, utilizing the flawless downy inside for warmth.
Russian Bolsheviks ordinarily wore leather coats, which turned into a semi-uniform for commissars amid the Russian Civil War, and later for the individuals from the Cheka.


In the half of the twentieth century, the leather coat accomplished famous status and general acknowledgment through an inseparable connection to Hollywood. Such coats became famous by various stars during the 1950s. The dark-colored leather coat has turned into a de rigueur piece of the closet for the Hollywood explorer, from Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones film series to Gary Cooper in “For Whom the Bell Tolls”.
A leather coat could be utilized to shape a character, giving a significant ingredient used to characterise the cool factor. the famous examples of this fact are Perfecto bike coat worn by Cathy Gale on The Avengers, Marlon Brando’s Johnny Strabler in The Wild One, and Michael Pare in Cruisers team and Eddie. These all served to promote leather coats in American youth in the 1950s and 1960s. Later delineations of this subculture are seen by means of The Fonz from the TV series Happy Days, which was created during the 1980s. It was also popularised in the film Grease and Eddie and the Cruisers. Flight coats were also be publicised in the film Top Gun with downy collars and it stayed trendy for decades.
Well, above has described the short history of leather fashion. This perfectly depicts the past to present journey of this fashion industry and how it become popularised among people.