Leather Production in Turkey

Leather production in Turkey

Leather Production in Turkey

The leather industry comes on 10th number in the biggest sector list of the country. The country has one share in exports, employment, and production. The history of leather manufacturing is as old as the evolution of the human being. Emperor Fatih Sultan Mehmet was the emperor who had selected the zone for the production of leather because of the good water that is very much appropriate for the leather.

First leather market:

Kazlicesme was the main mechanical zone for cowhide and it’s only outside of the Topkapi city dividers. It had been built up and had proceeded for around 500 years. At the point when the Russian market developed, so did the part for the Turkish cowhide and they exchanged the profit from it to speculations. That is the reason in the ’90s this segment had expanded the profitability and its ability when it entered the Russian market.
It had achieved a pleasant position on the planet showcase due to the Turkish skin leather items’ solid framework, high caliber, and decent item assortment.

Turkish Leather Market Today:

On the planet, Turkey is one of its essential and significant makers of a piece of clothing produced using leather. New advances and propelled learning helped this industry to deliver top-notch cowhide products. This has driven the best approach to new improvements in value crude materials that aided in emphatically influencing its creation just as exportation.
The sheepskin leather of Turkey completes only 22% of the world cowhide yet it really is fit for completing 75% of that. Meanwhile, the creation of Turkey’s skin leather apparel is of excellent quality and it trades 95% of the complete generation. The skin leather business of Turkey’s done products is utilized for the net fare while this industry is the net shipper for its crude materials.
Later on, Turkey is likewise at the front line of getting to be one of the top hide makers on the planet. The skins and crude stow away just as completed skin leather has 67% offers in the absolute cowhide import of Turkey.

Production Process:

The reason for existing is to make the extraordinary characteristics that speak to the material: adaptability, breathability, strength. The non-abrasiveness, shading, and sparkle are the consequence of dexterous handling. The principal challenge is that the items must be perceived worldwide all through with nation’s tag. The best crude has materials by and large of nearby and procedure streams on ultra-present day creation line. The nation has set up long haul associations with the providers who are situated in Turkey. All the crude material used in assembling needs to meet the stringent specialized particulars. Every one of the organizations pursues these conventions by choosing and assesses material in various stages. These are checked during the procedure.

  1. on entry
  2. after re-tanning
  3. before coloring
  4. in the completed condition

After checking, the raw leather will separate for different cutting lines. The cutting lines cut the leather in different shapes and piece, according to the order and requirement.