Sheepskin For Polishing Pad

Sheepskin For Polishing Pad

Sheepskin polishing pads are used for car cleaning. They clean much better than foam pads and easy
to use at the same time. For some jobs sheepskin polishing pads should be the only possible choice.
Wool pads are easy to handle thanks to theirs long fibers.

Advantages of sheepskin for polishing pad

  • Easy to handle, more professional cleaning, more optimized for cutting and buffing
  • Producing less heat than foam pads. It means the risk of the polishing surface damaging is
    lower. But it is really important to buy natural sheepskin because synthetic one produces
    more heat
  • Thanks to natural sheepskin’s ability of self-cleaning, you will use such kind of material over
    the years not being afraid of its conditions

Leading Turkish producer of sheepskin for polishing pad

Erdoğan Deri produces sheepskin for polishing pad, and it is one of the best known manufacturers of
such kind of goods in Turkey. All products made under the Turkish brand are as free from harmful
chemicals as environmentally safe.