Shoe Production in Turkey

Shoe production in Turkey

Shoe Production in Turkey

Footwear industry in Turkey has created at a quick pace because of the accessibility of significant quality crude materials, modern manufacturing process, high structure capacity and gifted laborers. Now, the Turkish footwear industry has a solid position among exporters of great design products. Another indication of positive improvement is the expansion in outside interests in the sector.
Clearly, the footwear business is incredibly dependent on the leather business. The Turkish leather part, which has a background marked by 500 years, is turning into a main focus in the leather world. The Turkish leather industry which possesses an unmistakable spot in the Turkish economy has been growing quickly by consolidating its technology and its historical foundation.

Shoe Production

The shoe business, which started to show up as a small size industry in 1950, is presently a well-developed industry. Particularly during the 1980s, huge interests in hardware parks were made and now more than 15 % of the area has finished its industrialization procedure. Around 70 % of the creation in the area is done by semi-mechanized generation forms and just about 15 % of production is carefully assembled.
Turkeys shoe production achieved 200 million sets in 2004. Right around 26% of the creation comprises of leather shoes. What’s more, there has been a quick increment in the assembling of plastic shoes. The footwear segment depends on Turkish made shoe production machine just as shoe parts. The offer of the shoe parts industry in the complete shoe industry generation is around 5% and production is extremely broadened. The soles, heels, throwing molds and the welt of the shoes are sent out. The shoe parts industry is situated in Izmir and the Aegean district, Konya, Gaziantep and specifically Istanbul.
The military boots, work, and security shoe businesses in Turkey have grown essentially these years. These parts are creating as indicated by worldwide gauges, and shoes with the CE imprint are export to European countries.

Shoe Export

Today the Turkish footwear segment has the capacity of making its own brands and style. The Turkish shoe area had a fair estimation of 316.6 a large number of dollars in the year 2007. At present, the Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Romania, England, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, Iraq, France, and Israel are significant markets for the Turkish shoe division.
Shoes made with leather covered external surface makeup 53 % of shoe exports and had an estimation of 167 million dollars in 2007. Russia is as of now the most significant market of Turkish leather shoes. The second significant gathering comprises of plastic materials covered external soles and surface with a fair estimation of 58 million dollars in 2007.
The Turkish shoe industry has a remote exchange organization named ASD Footwear. ASD with 57 investors who are little and medium size makes working in the footwear industry is the biggest shoe exporter of Turkey. ASD intends to open shoe retail locations all around the globe. Under this idea, the organization opened two design stores in the Czech and Poland. Presently it is intending to open new retail locations in different countries.
All these demonstrate that Turkish shoe manufacturing organizations are looking for new markets and particularly export conceivable outcomes toward the West European countries.