Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs

Sheepskin Rugs

If you want to add some fresh options to your room, first option you should take into consideration is purchasing a new rug. The best choice for your home is buying a sheepskin rug which can provide your legs with high level of comfort while walking as well as make living space more stylish and cozy. Buying new white sheepskin rug will transform your home space from inexpressive into aesthetic, adding just one correctly selected thing into home’s interior.

Shearling rugs as an entire part of interior

When made correctly natural sheepskin rug is an amazing product which can provide you with several benefits. Purchasing such kind of rugs you don’t have more to be afraid of your or yours children health because they are environmentally safe and hypoallergenic. It means that they are as aesthetic as healthy and now you don’t have to think about the allergies of the people who come over it. Those who are looking for softness should pay attention to sheepskin rugs because it is the
softest thing you may find. One of the main advantages of sheepskin rugs is their self-cleaning. Thanks to natural fat called lanolin rugs from fur are able to breathe and such air circulation make them clean themselves. You don’t even have to think how to clean sheepskin rug, they can be easily washed in a washing machine
with adding wool shampoo and dried at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight and radiators. Apart from fashion, hypoallergenic, useful properties and facility with cleaning, rugs made of natural sheepskin can also provide you with versatility, longevity, warmth during the cold part of the year and coolness in summer.

Sheepskin rugs manufacturer

One of the most famous in Turkey manufacturers of sheepskin rugs and other goods from natural leather and fur is Erdoğan Deri. Products made under this trademark are free from any dyes and toxic chemicals and can become an exciting part of every house. At the same moment you will be provided with all natural sheepskin’s benefits such as plushness, soft texture, durability and high density. Wide range of rugs from natural sheepskin from Erdoğan Deri you may find here.

What ıs Lambskin Rugs? Elegance and Comfort Combined

Lambskin rugs, as the name suggests, are rugs made from the soft and sumptuous hides of young lambs.  Opting for a sheepskin rug can instantly transform your home from mundane to aesthetic with just one carefully chosen addition to your interior decor. These rugs offer several noteworthy benefits:

Comfort Beyond Compare: Walking on a sheepskin rug is a heavenly experience. The soft, plush texture cradles your feet, making every step a delight.

Hypoallergenic and Eco-Friendly: Sheepskin rugs are environmentally safe and hypoallergenic. This means you can enjoy their aesthetic appeal without worrying about allergies, making them a safe and healthy choice for your home.

Self-Cleaning Properties: Thanks to the natural fat, lanolin, found in sheepskin, these rugs are self-cleaning to some extent. They can breathe, allowing air circulation that helps maintain their cleanliness. For regular cleaning, you can easily wash them in a washing machine with wool shampoo and dry them at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight and radiators.

Versatile and Long-Lasting: Sheepskin rugs are not only fashionable but also durable.

Lambskin Rugs: The Epitome of Softness and Style

Unmatched Softness: Lambskin rugs are renowned for their incredible softness. The hides of young lambs are exceptionally supple, creating a rug that feels like a dream underfoot.

Natural Beauty: The natural texture of lambskin rugs, with their soft, curly wool, adds an inviting and stylish element to your decor. Their neutral color palette complements various interior design styles, making them a versatile choice.

Easy Maintenance: Lambskin rugs are easy to care for, just like sheepskin rugs. Regular shaking or gentle brushing helps maintain their fluffiness. For cleaning, you can follow similar instructions, machine-washing with wool shampoo and air drying.

When it comes to high-quality sheepskin and lambskin rugs, one prominent manufacturer is Erdoğan Deri in Turkey. You can explore a wide range of rugs made from these natural materials from Erdoğan Deri to elevate your home decor.

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